Creative Cat Media provides illustration by Cindy Rodella-Purdy, also known as CiN. We have a passion for illustrations that help tell stories, describe processes, and convey messages. Whether it’s a children’s book, video, interactive game, or website … everyone is telling a story. We are here to put visuals to your project in ways that are fun and memorable.

Illustrations tell a story and leave the viewer with a feeling or message. We believe that how you place a line on a page matters – from the dot of a character’s eye to how something sits on a table. We take your thoughts and make them visually come to life through illustration, layout and design.

Illustrations for Video

Illustrations in videos are powerful and unique. We have developed both still images and full sequences of illustrations that have been used in videos. The process involves working closely with both the client and the video production companies like David Seay Productions to bring the messages to life.


Creative Cat Media offers a full range of Storyboard and Concept Art options for film, video, animations, or games. We provide color or black and white sketches, comps, storyboards, and conceptual art based on your creative direction or scripts. We understand your need to get ideas across clearly to clients or your crew, and that sometimes fast turnarounds are critical.

Storyboard Samples

Looking for Picture Book Illustration?

Check out Cindy’s illustration site it focuses on the whimsical and imaginary.

Published Books & Apps

Creative Cat Media publishes it’s own titles in addition to developing digital eBooks for authors and illustrators.

For your next illustration or concepting need, give Creative Cat Media a try.
Together, we’ll get your ideas sold.

CiN is also the creator of Bunny Daze, a popular daily online cartoon at


Since 2011 – Bunny and Turtle’s sole purpose in life is to share Love, Peace, and Joy. Wherever they are needed, they seem to show up. So if you find they turn up one day to visit you, just think
…maybe today is the day you need to hear something they have to say.

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