Creative Cat Media is happy to announce its new division, Creative Cat Books, with its children’s book release “The Bed Ate My Sock!” Pictures and words by Cindy Rodella-Purdy.
Hardback versions available at any of your favorite online retailers or request a copy from your local library today! Softback available on Amazon. We also offer signed copies ordered direct from Creative Cat Media.

The Bed Ate My Sock!

“The Bed Ate My Sock!” exclaims Johnny to his mother. Mom doesn’t have time for games and wants Johnny to go and get his sock. He tries to tell her that he did all that he could do to find it. Johnny called in doctors, detectives, firefighters, a dragon, pirates, a construction crew, superheroes, cowboys, and astronauts to join the quest. Can Johnny convince his mom that he did all he could do and that the bed did indeed eat his sock? Or did something else get it?

About the Author:

Author/Illustrator Cindy Rodella-Purdy delights in bringing books to life. Her whimsical style fits her own enchanting stories and those of other authors. With a BFA in fine arts, she has worn many hats over the years, from working as a designer, programmer, and project manager in digital media to picture book illustration and writing. Her artistic passion energizes her company, Creative Cat Media, Inc. and extends to projects such as her daily thought-provoking slice-of-life comic Bunny Daze. She lives in her own imagination but resides in Dallas with her husband and favorite felines Hubble and Tess.

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